Fight one more round.
When your feet are so tired
that you have to shffle back to
the centre of the ring.

Fight one more round,
when your arms are so tired
that you can hardly lift your hands
to come on guard
Fight one more round

When your nose is bleeding and your eyes are black
and you are so tired
that you wish your opponent
would crack you on the jaw
and put you to sleep,
Fight one more round remembering that
the men who always fighst
one more round
is never whipped.

  • The school is considering the possibility of offering at the two-plus level.
  • Provision of Gymnasium.
  • The audio-visual room will be the venue for educational films to be shown to complement all learning and teaching modules.
  • First-aid will be compulsory for every child.
  • Special provision of Yoga Classes for the parents.